Travel Resources

This is a page I am dedicating to all of my travel resources and tips to help you conquer your top destinations. I will be adding more when I find a new site or app that I find useful.

a photo that says to fly

Skyscanner and Momondo – Skyscanner is the easiest site to browse cheap flights with a lot of flexible dates. Momondo is also really great but not my number 1. There are other great sites but these are the most user friendly in my opinion. A lot of others have ads and annoying pop ups –  aka time wasters. I have booked flights through third parties successfully here with the actual advertised price – no fees! Another great feature is their price notifications for trips.

Hopper – Hopper is similar to Skyscanner in the sense that it tracks flights and prices for you. The main difference is that it compiles past data to tell you when the best time to buy is. I always add every trip I want to take into Hopper just to make sure I’m getting the best deal.

Google Flights – Google Flights is another page to help get you the best deal. This page will give you tips to save money by pushing your date a day or two or by suggesting new dates for you. If you have some flexibility this is always a good one to check as well.

Secret Flying – This site is for the spontaneous. There are often some amazing deals on here for a very limited amount of time and for very specific dates. Detroit to Aruba RT for $200? Chicago to Jordan for $547? There are incredible but fleeting deals, so check often.


AirBnB, VRBO, Couchsurfing – These are all home sharing apps and I always check them all before booking anything. I have found the same apartments listed for different prices and other availability that I couldn’t find on other apps. It’s always best to triple check your work.

Priceline Express Deals and Hotline Hot Deals – These sites are amazing because they give you unheard of deals. Only catch, they don’t say which hotel you’re staying at. It only gives you the location, similar hotels, amenities, and ratings. (You can figure it out – but you’re not supposed to be able to).

Kayak and Expedia – Great sites to browse deals through all third party booking sites. These are easy and quick and very user friendly.

Hostelworld, Hostelz, HostelBookers – These are great sites to find the best hostels in your area. Remember the cheapest may not be the best so read reviews and look at what they offer. You’re bound to find the perfect accommodations through these sites.


AllTrails – This is one of the best apps for hiking routes with an easy to understand guide and realistic ratings. You don’t want to go to an “easy” hill and feel like you’re dying 10 minutes in. This shows you if it’s pet friendly, length, rating, reviews, photos, etc. This also has gps tracking and can record your hikes.

PeakVisor – This is the app you need to find your name and elevation of the mountain in front of you. This can be used offline and also for summits that aren’t mountains. Think castles, waterfalls, etc.


Ground Travel – The best way to find cheap ground travel is to google which is the most affordable and reliable in the countries you’re traveling to. See which country participates and which countries you’re going to. Divide the total cost by country and see which deal is the most worth it to you. I’m going to link to best busses for different countries and best public transpo and rails for popular countries once I get my list going. Stay tuned for more information on this one!


Google Trips – Google trips logs all the details of your flights and tours from your gmail account. Under each trip header there are your reservations, things to do, saved places, day plans, discounts, food and drink, getting around, and things you need to know.

Splitwise – This is a great app to track spending between your travel buddies and your trips. This app just makes everything much easier when booking trips, abroad or domestic.


Whatsapp – The best way to communicate with others without adding some insane international plan onto your cell phone.

Pocket WiFi – There are a lot of global hotspots and pocket WiFi’s that are useful but one of the best I have heard about is the Skyroam Solis. It has connectivity in over 120 countries and 4g WiFi.

Local SIM – Another way traveler’s connect with others is by getting a local SIM card in the country they travel to. Make sure your phone is ready for international travel. A great resource I have found is the blog Too Many Adapters –  a technology guide for travelers.


Google Maps – There are a million map apps, but this is the best in my opinion. It’s easy to use and maps can be downloaded for use offline.

US Consulates – Worst case, if you do get lost, lose your passport, feel unsafe, make sure you know where the nearest US Consulate is. Screenshot the address to keep in your phone for each country you travel to.

Paper – You read that right. Imagine you think you know where you’re going but your phone just died. Make sure you know how to read a map and have the hotel/hostel address written down somewhere accessible but not in plain view for strangers to see.


Been – This is an app that keeps track of which countries and states you have been to. Mark them off and keep track of where you have left to conquer.

Aurora – This app helps you chase northern lights. I’m going to Iceland and this is the best way for me to find them. It shows the KP Index of your current location, an aurora map, and the best locations to see the lights right now.

Google Translate – This one is pretty obvious. One thing you may not know is when you download the app you can use your camera to take photos of things and have the app translate it for you.

Vaccines – Make sure you’re protected from any and all ailments. This is hugely important, so do your research.