Getting a Job

Becoming a Golden Grizzly.

I graduated from college in May of 2015. While I did learn a lot while there, I focused the most on my passion and what I loved to do. At the end of four years I completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree with a major in Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts with two minors; Media Design, Production, and Technology and Advertising.

When I graduated, I moved home until I found a job I loved. I looked for jobs all over but then made the compromise to stay in Michigan for a while longer, specifically, the Detroit area. I love Detroit, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to explore a bit more.

While searching endlessly for jobs, I worked as a waitress for a few months then took a full time position at an insurance company working in the call center. I hated it. Now to be fair… It was a job and it paid (some) of the bills and for that I’m grateful. But do you know how hard it is to stay in a dead end job, paying $1,000 a month towards loans that didn’t even benefit you? I was going crazy. And still applying for jobs in mostly one city – my issue. *eye roll here*

I expanded my city search in Michigan and ventured out of state. I had a few tempting offers out of state but were making less money than I needed to move and still weren’t in my field of study.

Then, my beautiful cousin got married in Rochester, MI and I thought, hey, I’m sure there is something out here. I found a job that sounded interesting at Oakland University, applied, then forgot about it.

A few weeks later I was at a bar with some friends and an email popped up asking me to schedule an interview time, I emailed back with a day I hoped would work (it was my only weekday available for months), and miraculously, it did. About a week later I arrived at my interview an hour early. I sat in the parking lot nervous. I met with the

man interviewing me and then FIVE other people in one room. I brought up my dog and traveling and somehow that worked. I got the job and they offered me more money than was advertised on the job posting.

I accepted and immediately put in my two weeks with the insurance company. (Even though I wasn’t starting my new jobs for like three weeks).

I have been at my job now for almost three months and plan to move out to this area soon. Working here as a Marketing Research Analyst has taught me so much and helped me rediscover my passion for education, specifically higher ed. I hope to remain in the University setting for a while longer and attain my masters here.

While in the end I do see myself out of state, I know Oakland University will remain my home until then.

I am extremely proud of myself for where I am at in life.

So I leave you with this… #FireUpChips and #WearTheBear!

30 Before 30: 3 down, 27 to go!

Baseball Game Out of State

Wrigley Field.

In July of 2016 I attended a Cubs game at Wrigley Field and it was incredible! We watched the game from the Budweiser Bleachers, drank beer, ate ball field food, and got sunburned.

Obviously this was during a Chicago trip and it was a perfect day outside. I have only been to Tigers games in Detroit so definitely wasn’t expecting that kind of atmosphere. I would highly recommend everyone attend a game at Wrigley.


30 Before 30: 2 Down, 28 to go!

Traveling Alone

Taking on DC by Myself.

Something I have always wanted to do, is travel alone. As you can gather from the title — it was DC. It was so incredible and I recommend traveling alone to everyone.
I only took one photo of myself, one horrible photo. I will never forget all of these experiences though.


My first day there I got in around 10am ish and then checked into my hotel and went hiking at Great Falls Park in VA and um, incredible. I explored amazing ruins, waterfalls, cliffs, you name it. I went back to my hotel after a few hours absolutely exhausted. That night I met up with a friend at the Dacha Beer Garden in DC and drank cheap beer, talked about life, my recent relationship status (single), and jobs. I decided moving out of state is where I’m going to end up.


The next day I went to Arlington then walked across the bridge to see the National Mall. I’m glad I went alone because I was able to look for family friends who unfortunately are buried in Arlington, I witnessed two funerals, and got to spend more time at memorials that meant more to me. After seeing every monument at the mall and then some, I walked over to The White House (front and back). I drank some gatorade in the shade and ate some fruit and honestly had the best time exploring alone.


The armed guards and fences around The White House surprised me the most to be honest.
That night I went to the mall in Tysons Corner and bought some bath bombs, face masks, wine, and then saw a movie by myself — Dunkirk, frick yeah! After the movie I went “home” and drank some wine with a face mask on and watched bad hotel TV.

The next day was supposed to be kind of crappy and rainy so I decided to hit the Smithsonians. When it rains, no one wants to wait in line to get in so I never had to! I saw the zoo, (mostly for the ellies), the Natural History Museum, and the American History Museum. I love seeing the collections for Women’s Suffrage, the First Ladies, African American History, and basically everything at the Natural History Museum but especially the TRICERATOPS.

I bought myself an elephant ring and pin to remember this amazing trip. The last day I had in Virginia I went to the Mosaic District in Fairfax. They had this amazing and huge farmers market where I bought coffee and spices to take home to the family. I saw another movie at the Angelika Film Center and had brunch alone with mimosas and macaroons.

So… Why DC? It was actually a trip on a whim. I was recently dating someone for a long time, 5 years. We broke up on or around the 11th.

We were supposed to go to the country music concert Faster Horses together the weekend of July 21 – 23. While the friends we booked it with were mutual, they were his friends first so I sold my ticket to someone for the amount I paid and I bought a plane ticket to the cheapest place I could fly to out of Lansing. I found a cheap hotel in a neighboring town, booked that, and decided this would be enough to keep me distracted so I wasn’t so heartbroken during that time.

Traveling alone teaches you so much about yourself. It shows your strengths, weaknesses, resourcefulness.. I recommend this to every single person if possible. Take some time for yourself, explore somewhere new, and spend time learning to love the person you are today.

30 Before 30: 1 down, 29 to go!