Lolla in Chicago

The music festival to end all festivals. While I have been to Illinois and Chicago many times – I have never been to Lollapalooza. In a turn of events, I ended up going alone, and I had an incredible time. Here is my experience plus some tips and tricks. First things first – screenshot the … More Lolla in Chicago

Top Chicago Bars

Exciting and Unique. I have been to Chicago a few times and I always find something new to fall in love with. These bars however, are some that you have to experience at least once. They’re also bars I continue to return to time after time. The Green Door Tavern This is my number one … More Top Chicago Bars

Global Entry

Plus TSA Pre-Check. This is one of the best travel investments ever created. First things first – what is global entry? US Customs and Border Protection states it is a “program that allows expedited clearance for pre-approved, low risk travelers upon arrival in the United States”. The benefits for this include no processing lines, no … More Global Entry

Visa 101

How to get a Visa. Visas have a lot of information and stipulations. I’m hoping this guide will help you in your travels. Most countries you will attend will have a requirement for a visa. Some have to be purchased ahead of time, some can be bought upon entry, and price can vary quite a … More Visa 101

Vaccines and Travel

Worth it? Um yes – they are mandatory. There are both recommended vaccinations and required vaccinations depending on your location. The best way to find necessary vaccinations is by checking visa requirements. There are some helpful sites with this information and make sure you pay special attention to the time frame the vaccination is needed … More Vaccines and Travel

Carry On Essentials

Long or Short Flight – You’ll Thank Me. It has taken me quite a few flights to figure out what exactly I absolutely need in my carry on. Mostly I pack everything for my trip in only as carry on, but I have the absolute necessities in easily accessible spots. Hand sanitizer Mario Badescu facial … More Carry On Essentials


Wicked. I was recently able to cross off another state with a long weekend trip. I was looking forward to this trip for a lot of reasons… Seafood I get to finally meet my best friend in person If you read number two and were confused – buckle up. Just kidding; to make a long … More Massachusetts


Exploring the West. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I recently took a trip west. Far west. More west than I have ever been before. I had a Memorial Day weekend in California. (Southern California to be exact). While this is a huge state, I believe I explored my fair share being … More California

Moving Out

Here’s to Fresh Starts. Guys – the day has come. I have moved out and I have cut my commute by an hour. There isn’t a ton to say except I love my roommates, I love living in Royal Oak, and I love having a shorter commute. Bruno and I are excited to have our … More Moving Out

Travel Apps

What to do? Travel apps. Some are useless while some are absolute lifesavers. I’m starting a series on here where I am going to review some of the most popular travel apps along with some you may not have head of. If you have any suggestions for me, drop them in the comments below. Without … More Travel Apps