Stand Under a Waterfall

Chasing waterfalls.

There are some incredible sites in Iceland, and this was one of my favorites. This waterfall is called Seljalandsfoss. What makes this fall so special, is that you can walk around and under it. Being able to get up close and personal with rushing glacial water is such an amazing experience. Mother nature is fierce.

If you can ever make it to Iceland, this should be number 1 on your list. We lucked out with some amazing weather which added some beautiful sparkling rainbows around the fall. Remember to wear some gore-tex or water resistant clothing, you will get wet. You’re getting up close and personal to a huge waterfall. Seriously, Iceland is magic. Don’t delay your trip here.

30 Before 30: 9 down, 21 to go!

Swim in a Hot Spring

Not one, but two.

Again, Iceland is MAGIC.  Not only did I swim in one geothermal hot spring, I got to swim in Iceland’s secret pool. I would highly recommend both because while the experiences were drastically different, they were incredible.

The Blue Lagoon is the first stop we had in Iceland right off the plane and it was amazing. The Blue Lagoon is a man made Geothermal Spa. file-7It is shaped by lava but the water is from the geothermal power plant next door. It is filled with natural minerals including silica and half fresh, half salt water. The lagoon is known to treat eczema and psoriasis because of the silica. And let me tell you, my skin felt incredible. Hair, not so much. Definitely tie your hair up and don’t get it wet – I had straw hair for a week. Some parts of the lagoon are hotter than others but there’s plenty to do. You will absolutely be occupied enough for however long you choose to spend here. I would recommend a half day, which is what we did. We had time for the saunas, steam rooms, the waterfall back massage, all the little coves, the face mask, and some drinks. We floated, met some awesome people, and relaxed. If you decide to do the Blue Lagoon in your trip, I absolutely recommend doing it how we did, straight from the airport. It was so nice to relax after an overnight flight.

The second lagoon/hot spring we went to was Seljavallalaug. It is a “secret” swimming pool in Iceland. This was built in 1923 to teach Icelandic people to swim. It is nestled in file1-7between two mountains and it’s a quick little hike out to the pool. This pool is filled with hot water that comes down from Eyjafjallajökull, which is a volcano covered by an ice cap.

(Quick tip, Jokull means glacier in Icelandic. Their words is a name first, descriptor second. Fjara – Beach, Fjall – Mountain).

This pool was not very crowded because we went early in the day and it was very cool. It was warm from the waters trickling down and the views were absolutely stunning. Again, I recommend this but go early. Earlier in the season the cleaner, earlier in the day the less crowded. The hike isn’t difficult and it’s maybe 20 minutes, if that. Definitely worth it!

Drop a comment below for any other amazing Icelandic hot springs! I’m dying to go back.

30 Before 30: 8 down, 22 to go!

See the Northern Lights

Iceland is Magic.

Seeing the Northern Lights has always been my DREAM. I live in Michigan and I have been trying to stalk them as long as I can remember. Summers on Harsen’s Island spent staring at the night sky, driving an hour north in the hopes the light pollution is low enough, sitting around bonfires in Traverse City checking the Aurora app… It’s been a real obsession of mine.

One of the reasons I wanted to go to Iceland in September is the increased percentage of the aurora borealis having a high KPI index. The week we went, my friend even planned it so we would have a few days with no moon, giving us even more of a chance to see the magnetic ribbons. Another plus for us, not for the environment, was the solar activity. A few large flares occurred which made the magnetic fields even stronger. The first glimpse I had at the most magical site was on the plane to Iceland. While flying over Greenland we got to witness a few minutes of the dancing lights. It was bright and beautiful and filled me with excitement.

I was obviously hoping to see more throughout my trip  but was so seriously stunned, I would have been so happy even if that was it. Somehow, I racked up enough good karma to see them two more times. The third time was in a campground parking lot. It was cloudy, dark, rainy, cold… But we looked up and saw them dancing again for a few more minutes and again, it was pure magic.

The second time was the most incredible. They were so bright I even got some photos of them with the sunset on my iPhone – which getting a northern lights photo on a phone is nearly impossible. Anyway, after driving all day we decided to take the 2 mile hike out to the Sólheimasandur plane crash. Quick history lesson, this is a US Navy DC-3 airplane that was forced to land on the black sand beach after running out of fuel. It crashed and thankfully everyone survived. This happened in 1973 and it was difficult to get to in the past, therefore it remains in place. This spot has become famous to photographers from around the globe because of its unique characteristics and story. This is why my friend wanted to make the trek. I was very interested to see the scene so I excitedly agreed to tag along. We hiked out at sunset, took probably 40 minutes, and in the best stroke of luck, we ended up being joined by only one other couple, meaning all shots with no people. (Helllllls yeah).

file-2 (1)
Me at the Sólheimasandur crash

After getting in some amazing light painting, we started to see the streaks. They came up so quick, just as we were saying “I hope we see the lights”. The appeared strong and moving rapidly. Everyone started shooting away and we were so excited when they decided to stay out and play for a while longer. My friend got his shot of the northern lights behind the plane, I got my shot of the lights and the mountains and the beach and the sunset and the plane and myself. You should absolutely check out Taylor’s work also. We were able to take in their beauty for hours uninterrupted and it’s the most beautiful vision I will ever see. The photos will never do it justice but I hope it inspires you to chase these lights.

30 Before 30: 7 down, 23 to go!

Do an Ancestry/DNA Test

Who am I?

I want to start this out by saying I am pretty sure I know what my ancestry is. At least, I know what my family has been telling me for years. What I have come to believe is that I’m German, Polish, Scottish, Irish, and Cherokee Indian.

My Grandma is from Germany and became a US Citizen back in 2000 or 2001 – so I at least know that. Also I am white, so assuming I’m mostly European is kind of obvious. I want to learn more about my cultural makeup so I can can study these ancestries.

I decided to put “Take an Ancestry/DNA Test” on my 30 Before 30 bucket list to dig deep and find my roots. I chose the company 23 and Me because 1. they were having a sale, and 2. they can trace your maternal and paternal lines back to one ancestor. That’s hella cool.

Spitting A LOT OF LIQUID into this little tube took like 10 minutes but it was worth it and I was so excited to get my results.

After 4 months of waiting, I did this two times, and they still couldn’t get my DNA. I got a full refund but I am obviously bummed. I am going to maybe try the ancestry one, one day? But I think it’s been more interesting to talk to my family about their relatives that they know.

I have a great Grandma that was 100% Cherokee, a Grandma that is 100% German, and a Grandma that is VERY Irish. Honestly, speaking to them has been more fulfilling than even doing this test. So I am going to call this one check mark done!

30 Before 30: 5 down, 25 to go!

15 New States

Newest States I Have Been To

Massachusetts – June 2018


California – May 2018
*Malibu, Santa Monica, Venice, Melrose, DTLA, Long Beach, WeHo, Mulholland, Hermosa Beach, Beverly Hills, Manhattan Beach


Colorado – December 2017/January 2018


Virginia/D.C. – July 2017
*Fairfax, McLean, Tysons Corner, Arlington, Falls Church, D.C.


Tennessee – March 2016
*Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Nashville, Memphis


Traveled To Already

*Cincinnati, Columbus, Toledo, Cleveland


*Naperville, Schaumburg, Chicago






North Carolina


South Carolina
*Charleston, Myrtle Beach


*Miami, South Beach, Daytona, Fort Lauderdale


*Covington, Louisville


Attending a Music Festival

Faster Horses.

While I think all music festivals are probably amazing in their own way, I’m glad my first camp out music experience was at MIS in Michigan.
This long weekend was SO much fun. Walking around in the sun in flip flops, drinking margaritas and beer while playing flip cup with your best friends, listening to live music around the clock, napping in a tent or by a bonfire… I had the most amazing time.
I’m glad I only went to Faster Horses on time because I don’t want anything to take away from the amazing weekend I had there. My cousins attended and were at a different campsite but hungout with us non-stop, which was incredible. They got along with my friends so well that my heart was huge. Nothing better than family and friends all bonding.


We ate walking tacos, fresh donuts, and sandwiches for almost every meal while just hanging out. I washed my hair and body in a faucet outside and brushed my teeth with bottled water. Whether it was the 120 person flip cup game, the endless bonfires and random/hilarious drunk people, and meeting new friends… It was the best.

While my ex and I are no longer together, I’m glad I got to experience this with him. He made it fun and easy. Not to mention, encouraged me to buy a pouch couch — the best item money can buy. There were ferris wheels — um ew no and food trucks frick yeah. One day I only “lightly” drank, ate bbq from a food truck, and played with a life size brite lite.

We did leave before the last set of the weekend and got home around midnight. I had to work on that Monday so it was best to leave Sunday. I’m glad we did because it stormed like crazy. Plus I wanted to shower and sleep in a bed. Soooo long story short, it was a great experience. I’m excited for Lollapalooza in August even more now.

30 Before 30: 4 down, 26 to go!