About Me

My name is Becca Miner. I have always loved adventure and exploring but never thought I would be able to travel more than once every three years – rough estimate.

I assumed part of being an adult paying for boring things, saving every extra penny possible, and never doing anything for yourself. I have a slightly paranoid personality about finances.

This is not to say I never traveled when I was younger. My parents were amazing at always bringing us everywhere they could. I’ve seen countless cities in Florida, driven from Michigan to Miami, experienced the Niagara Falls, and took my first ever plane ride in 8th grade for a cheer competition.

They have given me everything, and then some. I just assumed all of that would end once I was older and had to take care of myself.


I do know I have privilege. I was able to go to college,I have a degree and a great job, I have some savings. I didn’t do this by myself. I pay my loans, my bills, my rent, etc. but I wouldn’t have this drive without my parents. And I wouldn’t understand money without their help.

They taught me that if I want something to happen, I have to make it happen. I can’t wait around for something good to come to me. My life, my happiness – it’s my responsibility. Knowing this, has changed my outlook.

I took my first solo trip in July of 2017 after some heartbreak and a long stint of horrible depression and my passion for traveling to new and exciting places was completely and totally reinvigorated.

I realized it’s not as expensive as I thought and it’s doable, if you work hard. Traveling is what makes me feel most alive so I am putting that as my number one priority. I was meant to explore and take risks.

So here I am, being as transparent as possible, and I hope you follow along.