I was recently able to cross off another state with a long weekend trip. I was looking forward to this trip for a lot of reasons…

  1. Seafood
  2. I get to finally meet my best friend in person

If you read number two and were confused – buckle up. Just kidding; to make a long story short we met online and planned several trips together before actually meeting. We talk every single day whether it be phone call, facetime, text, email, facebook… but the first time we would actually be meeting was in Boston.

Our flights got in at the same time and we had an instant connection. I don’t know how to explain it other than we were meant to be friends. We hugged and just dove right into conversation. We are now planning on living together next year and continue to plan trips constantly.

Anyway, first trip together was Boston. We had a packed trip and I wouldn’t have wanted to explore this city with anyone else.

Day 1: Thursday

We took early ass flights and were in Boston together and in a Lyft to our AirBnB by 10am. We changed, freshened up after the flight, and headed to activity numero uno: Sam Adam’s R & D Brewery tour. This was actually really fun and we got free beer and a free tasting glass.

34817409_10156695938623689_1825606712799789056_n.jpgWe decided to get food at the place they suggested, which was the first ever cafe/pub to carry their beer: Doyle’s Cafe. Pro tip – if you bring your ticket to the tour they give you a free Sam Adams Boston Lager glass.

After this we walked around a

bit and eventually headed toward Fenway Park to watch my home team (Detroit Tigers) play the Boston Red Sox. (Spoiler alert: Tigers won). Before we got into Fenway we had a few drinks at a Boston staple; Cask ‘n Flagon. This place was packed and drinks in Boston anywhere are insanely expensive so try to just get something cheap and quick. Also, MA has strict alcohol laws so you can buy beer at Fenway, but they won’t walk around with it in the stands.

After the Tigers won we got a pizza and headed home for a busy day Friday.

Day 2: Friday

We leisurely woke up, got ready, ate breakfast, and headed towards our first adventure of the day and something I would recommend to EVERYONE. It was the Boston History Pub Crawl. Not only was our tour guide incredible, we learned a lot of odd history while drinking and walking the Freedom Trail. We learned about the found time capsules, the origins behind all the strange little quirks in Boston like unicorns and the Boston Point, and got to visit one of the first Taverns; Bell in Hand.

We met some cool people during

this tour so we decided to eat dinner at Cheers with them and join their next tour; Boston Ghost Tour. It was really interesting learning about some battles that took place right where we were walking. Didn’t see any ghosts though, bummer. After this we drank at 21st Amendment and danced and partied at Sissy K’s with our new friends until it was bedtime.

Day 3: Saturday

We woke up and got ready and immediately went to Boston Pride. We met some incredible people, won some gifts,34719472_10156695938283689_4285068697757810688_n.jpg and I was introduced to bounce music and Big Freedia for the first time. We also got to watch Martha Wash sing “It’s Raining Men”.

After this we went to a 90’s night at Anthem and then went dancing somewhere else until closing time.

Day 4: Sunday

This was a much more relaxed day for us. We got brunch and walked around Harvard and Boston Commons. We saw a movie, mastered the public transportation, and hung out with Jamese’s friend. They took us to the airport and we parted ways.

As you can see, this was a jam packed trip but I wouldn’t have wanted to tackle this with anyone other than Jamese. I had the most amazing time in Boston and I would honestly recommend everything we did to anyone who has never been there or even a local who hasn’t explored enough.

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My name is Becca Miner and I have a passion for traveling the world.

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