Attending a Music Festival

Faster Horses.

While I think all music festivals are probably amazing in their own way, I’m glad my first camp out music experience was at MIS in Michigan.
This long weekend was SO much fun. Walking around in the sun in flip flops, drinking margaritas and beer while playing flip cup with your best friends, listening to live music around the clock, napping in a tent or by a bonfire… I had the most amazing time.
I’m glad I only went to Faster Horses on time because I don’t want anything to take away from the amazing weekend I had there. My cousins attended and were at a different campsite but hungout with us non-stop, which was incredible. They got along with my friends so well that my heart was huge. Nothing better than family and friends all bonding.


We ate walking tacos, fresh donuts, and sandwiches for almost every meal while just hanging out. I washed my hair and body in a faucet outside and brushed my teeth with bottled water. Whether it was the 120 person flip cup game, the endless bonfires and random/hilarious drunk people, and meeting new friends… It was the best.

While my ex and I are no longer together, I’m glad I got to experience this with him. He made it fun and easy. Not to mention, encouraged me to buy a pouch couch — the best item money can buy. There were ferris wheels — um ew no and food trucks frick yeah. One day I only “lightly” drank, ate bbq from a food truck, and played with a life size brite lite.

We did leave before the last set of the weekend and got home around midnight. I had to work on that Monday so it was best to leave Sunday. I’m glad we did because it stormed like crazy. Plus I wanted to shower and sleep in a bed. Soooo long story short, it was a great experience. I’m excited for Lollapalooza in August even more now.

30 Before 30: 4 down, 26 to go!

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My name is Becca Miner and I have a passion for traveling the world.

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