Getting a Job

Becoming a Golden Grizzly.

I graduated from college in May of 2015. While I did learn a lot while there, I focused the most on my passion and what I loved to do. At the end of four years I completed a Bachelor of Applied Arts degree with a major in Broadcasting and Cinematic Arts with two minors; Media Design, Production, and Technology and Advertising.

When I graduated, I moved home until I found a job I loved. I looked for jobs all over but then made the compromise to stay in Michigan for a while longer, specifically, the Detroit area. I love Detroit, don’t get me wrong, but I wanted to explore a bit more.

While searching endlessly for jobs, I worked as a waitress for a few months then took a full time position at an insurance company working in the call center. I hated it. Now to be fair… It was a job and it paid (some) of the bills and for that I’m grateful. But do you know how hard it is to stay in a dead end job, paying $1,000 a month towards loans that didn’t even benefit you? I was going crazy. And still applying for jobs in mostly one city – my issue. *eye roll here*

I expanded my city search in Michigan and ventured out of state. I had a few tempting offers out of state but were making less money than I needed to move and still weren’t in my field of study.

Then, my beautiful cousin got married in Rochester, MI and I thought, hey, I’m sure there is something out here. I found a job that sounded interesting at Oakland University, applied, then forgot about it.

A few weeks later I was at a bar with some friends and an email popped up asking me to schedule an interview time, I emailed back with a day I hoped would work (it was my only weekday available for months), and miraculously, it did. About a week later I arrived at my interview an hour early. I sat in the parking lot nervous. I met with the

man interviewing me and then FIVE other people in one room. I brought up my dog and traveling and somehow that worked. I got the job and they offered me more money than was advertised on the job posting.

I accepted and immediately put in my two weeks with the insurance company. (Even though I wasn’t starting my new jobs for like three weeks).

I have been at my job now for almost three months and plan to move out to this area soon. Working here as a Marketing Research Analyst has taught me so much and helped me rediscover my passion for education, specifically higher ed. I hope to remain in the University setting for a while longer and attain my masters here.

While in the end I do see myself out of state, I know Oakland University will remain my home until then.

I am extremely proud of myself for where I am at in life.

So I leave you with this… #FireUpChips and #WearTheBear!

30 Before 30: 3 down, 27 to go!

Author: minerrtravels

My name is Becca Miner and I have a passion for traveling the world.

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