Plane Fashion

Plane travel. But make it fashion. Back in the day, people got dressed up for flying. Think about it, it’s a huge metal container propelling people through the air from one destination to the next. It’s kind of a big deal, so I understand making this an event. Now, I’m not saying you need to … More Plane Fashion

Zombie Pub Crawl

Night of the living dead. Halloween is the best season, holiday, month, state of mind. When it’s Halloween season, I will seek out the best spooky experiences. I learned about the Zombie Pub Crawl from my cousin who lives in Downtown Minneapolis. This is the largest “zombie” gathering in the world and is a HUGE … More Zombie Pub Crawl

How to Eat Alone

Table for One. Are you someone who cannot stand silence? I personally love my alone time but also love meeting new people and enjoying the company of my friends. Solo travel means sometimes, you will have to eat alone. First thing you have to get over; weird looks. Honestly, it happens. I would love to … More How to Eat Alone